Tuesday, 18 August 2009

NW News & Updates......

Consultancy work at Sheffield University
Ray is a disabled person and a keen music enthusiast producing his own
music using Cubase and Grid 2 for several years. He has been trying
to get a place on Sheffield University’s Music and Creative Media
course for the past three years. Ray has a significant impairment and
experiences physical barriers accessing this course. Sheffield
University employed us to write a report with recommendations in how
to make the course accessible to Ray.

Based on our recommnedations, Ray has now been accepted on their Music
and Creative Media course. This is a real achievement for Drake Music as
well as Ray. Sheffield University have proposed Ray and his Tutors
undertake training and preparation during the semester 1 (September to
December 2009). Following which Ray completes one module in Semester
2 (January to May 2010): Musical composition: styles and techniques.

The Prospectors Performance
The Prospectors, Stockport CPs resident band, performed at Granville
House on the 7th August. Their regular audience enjoyed a lively
collection of classic pop covers and upbeat remixes of old school
house tunes.

Stockport CP beginners
These weekly sessions are continuing with more focus on individuals
and their development and using new techniques to ensure full access.

Individual Support
We are still receiving requests from individuals wishing to purchase
one to one music lessons. We have successfully delivered 4 weekly
sessions for an individual in Stockport and received very positive

Digital Beginnings
We are continuing to work with two schools in Wigan. One school
primarily deals with children who are autistic and the other deals
with children that have significant physical impairments. The 5
observation sessions went well and we will be delivering the sessions
in September. One school has approached JBB Stadium for support and
to arrange a visit for the children to get their inspiration. We have also extended the project to include Lancasterian school in Didsbury and will start work there in September.

We Are Here
The sound and mixed media installation based on a theme of 'Journeys
and Maps' was a huge success. Linking in with multicultural and
multilingual communities from Gorton Education Village, the six pieces
focused on 6 geographic regions of the world: China (SE Asia) and
Africa, Carribean and Pakistan/India, Eastern Europe and Middle East.
We are hoping the success of this project will lead to further
partnership work with Band on The Wall

As part of Full Circle Arts animation / film project, we delivered an
exciting and fun workshop for eight young disabled people. We
facilitated the production of four pieces of music to accompany
animation produced during the project, which was then aired at the
celebratory event at the Zion Arts Centre on the 26 July. To see the
work, please see vodpod.com/watch/1974164-remix-animation-shorts.

Music Leader NW have agreed to support us with associate team training
for this financial year. Our team training day will take place on 17
September, and will be an opportunity for our associates to network
and reflect. Doug Bott will be facilitating discussions around best
practice and new technologies. Following this we will be organizing
small group training sessions on specific technology such as Soundbeam
and Live.