Tuesday, 2 December 2008

South West shenanigans

The trouble with being so busy is finding the time to tell people about it all. So before I get too stuck into the affairs of the day here's a brief update on what's happening in the SW:

Sing Up
Alex is making resources for the Sing Up / Drake Music pilot project due to be happening at a few schools in Feb / March next year. He's making Clicker 5 sing! If you want to know more about this pilot project, you can read the original 2 project proposals here and here

Curriculum Development
Jonathan is piloting the National Open College Network music course we have written at St. Rose's School with Bradley Warwick. This takes place each Tuesday morning and so far it's going really well. We are not currently running any other music sessions at St. Rose's because there's not enough money.

Claremont School
Colin and Alex are running sessions for Claremont pupils on Thursday mornings only at present. Most of the work is currently based on the anatomical delights of 'Dem Bones...' Jonathan & Doug usually work in the new Drake office at Claremont each Thursday, so this is a great opportunity for the four of us to catch up.

Music for Tromso
Charlotte White, who is now studying at Hereward College near Coventry, is collaborating with Musicians from the SKUG Centre in Tromso, Norway to compose music for the opening ceremony of the Northern Lights Music Festival. Charlotte is sharing Sibelius, MIDI and mp3 files with the Norwegian team via Dropbox, and communicating with them via email & Skype. Charlotte and I will be attending the festival from 20th to 27th Jan 2009. We will be giving demos / presentations to various people from SKUG and the University of Tromso and Charlotte will also be doing a performance or two. 

Project Management
Funding apps, funding apps... Not a lot more to say really! Currently working with Carien & Jonathan on an £80k bid to Esmee Fairbairn to continue Curriculum Development funding, and also a £30k Youth Music 'Make It Sound' bid for a big project centered around Barrs Court School in Hereford. Better get on with it then....

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