Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Curriculum update & other news

Dear all,

here is the news...

Work at St Roses school, Stroud, continues to progress well: our NOCN student, Bradley, has all but completed the first unit in the course, including an original eight bar composition using Sibelius and the Grid 2. Next unit is 'Composing Music for Films'. Alex Ivanovich has begun working with me, and our students are now working towards performances at the bi-yearly school prom on June 30th (which was a real success last time for Drake students)

The forum around disabled musicians and accreditation on www.teachingmusic.org.uk has, in the main, had some interesting and useful posts on it. There are some conspicuous absences, I think, in terms of representations from all the main UK awarding bodies, but this may be addressed in the near future. For me, the biggest plus is that we are discussing equal access to music on a national forum, and people are starting to take note.

Lastly, I am currently planning for the 12 week music & drama project - which Drake will feature heavily in - at Hareclive Youth Club, South Bristol. Drake already ran a very successful music project at the club in 2008, and it's hoped that this new project, featuring young people with and without disabilities, will promote inclusion in the youth club generally, not forgetting some brilliant and inspired work!


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