Monday, 2 March 2009

A vision for Drake Music

Hi everybody,

What would we like Drake Music to be in five years’ time? Here's my two-pennies-worth for the debate - and my wish-list for any genie-in-a-bottle who'll grant me seven wishes. Actually I'm convinced that with luck, hard work and a fair wind we have the ability to achieve them.

1. We will generate far more of our income from trading. Central and local government, education authorities, schools, colleges, universities , curriculum and examination bodies, and a whole range of organisations in the private and the not-for-profit should be paying us for what we can do, what we can teach them and how we help them to achieve their corporate social responsibility and diversity agendas.

2. More disabled people will be involved throughout Drake Music, as associates, musicians and artists.

3. The Board will vibrant and creative, and high-profile individuals will volunteer to be on it.

4. We will have a presence on national and international stages.

5. More of our work will be skilling other people to do what we now do, selling our expertise as teachers and facilitators of change.

6. By having brought about a national debate, we and society at large will be aware of and articulate about the particular contribution / flavours disability brings to creativity.

7. We will be – and be seen as being - a significant source of generating/broking commissions for disabled musicians.

There is more, but seven is a propitious number so let’s start by talking about these.

I'm looking forward to your responses: and thank you for all your terrific work. And it's great to be out of the woods!

Bryan Heiser (Chair)

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